The Suite thing about Customer Experience

A blog for customer-centric businesses running on NetSuite.

Using SuiteFeedback with NetSuite Project Management

If you manage Projects in NetSuite, you know how great it is to have project management, tasks, margins, resource management, etc. in one system. But… if there is one thing that it is missing, it is the ability to send

Operationalizing your CUSTOMER data

Critical to improving the customer experience is listening to customers and incorporating their data and their feedback into your transformation strategy. Data-driven decisions are key to customer experience transformation success. … Read More

Customer Feedback Integration 101

A successful Voice of the Customer programme requires integration with other systems for a holistic view of customer experience. The feedback obtained solely from customers along their journey, while compelling on its own, isn’t enough to drive strategic change across an organization. … Read More

The Benefits of Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

More than five years ago, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, Steve Cannon, was using his platform to talk about the value of the customer experience. By 2020, the customer experience is the very thing that’s expected to overtake price and product as the key differentiator between brands. … Read More

How to Turn Detractors Into Promoters

No business wants its customers to be unhappy. When they are, 91% take their money elsewhere. More than that, social media platforms allow customer complaints to travel fast. A negative tweet can go viral in minutes, and the business consequences can be serious. … Read More

Customer Feedback Management Is More Than Metrics

Taking good care of your customers is critical to business success. Yes, this is common sense, but many business owners underestimate the financial impact of keeping customers happy. Research shows that bringing on a new customer costs five times more than retaining an existing customer. Plus, improving your retention rate by just 5% can boost profits by as much as 95%. … Read More