Integrated Feedback Management

Automate surveys and map responses directly in NetSuite. Analyze and act on the data you collect with our pre-built dashboards, workbooks, and workflows.


  • Correlate financial and operational information and customer experiences in one place.
  • Integrate customer’s voices into operations.
  • Easy platform onboarding for teams.
  • High employee and executive engagement.
  • Easily share feedback across teams.
  • Process feedback by company or contact.
  • Run a world-class Net Promoter System.
  • Natively built in NetSuite.
  • No new systems integrations.

NPS® Software built for NetSuite

Net Promoter software to help your business deliver and measure great customer experiences and accelerate growth.

NetSuite Native App

Built 100% in NetSuite. No need to integrate another system or have customer feedback data in silos.


Organize Feedback in Projects

Projects are the backbone of SuiteFeedback. It is where users define rNPS (Relationship) or tNPS (Transactional) type surveys, survey triggers, segments, layout and channels. Easily manage brands and products lines within unique projects to organize customer feedback.

Easy to Use Survey Builder

One of the most important features NPS software should offer is survey customization. Customization will increase your response rates. Uploading your company’s logo, applying your brand colors, and fonts should be among some of the available customization features impacting the look of your surveys.

Receive 10x more responses with SuiteFeedback surveys

Only 3%–5% of customers usually respond to a conventional satisfaction survey. In contrast, our users typically see response rates of 40% to 60%. We achieve this with automated follow-up and simple, optimized survey layouts.

Run automated relationship, transaction and one-time surveys.

Real-time Text Analytics for Customer Comments

Examine customer comments in real-time and monitor keywords and phrases so you can pinpoint what matters using Machine Learning Text Analytics. Track Keyword Sentiment and Frequency or create your own custom topics.

Create Workflows

Create a workflow or use on of our 20+ pre-built workflows to trigger a survey or to take action on every response. Set up alerts, create new records, send emails, create support cases, publish to Slack, and more. Manage feedback and take action with workflows.

Powerful Dashboards and Reports

Run more than 45 types reports to understand information. Use leaderboard to track NPS by sales rep, customer rank, lifetime value, survey coverage, or create your own.

Additional Features


Autopilot messaging to send recurring email and SMS surveys to a pre-set group of customers.

Real Time Reports

Understand results at-a-glance with interactive summary or detail reports. Export to XLS/CSV or export to Tableau.

Loop in the Right People

Quickly loop in the right people for feedback and management of Detractors and Promoters.

Role Based Dashboards

Give the right people access to data and insights with our pre-built roles and dashboards.

SuiteSuccess Integration

Seamless integration to all SuiteSuccess Editions dashboards, roles and KPIs.

Feedback from Any Source

Integrate feedback from your physical stores and other tools you may be using to gather valuable customer information.

Fully Cusotmizable

Easily create surveys with your brand slogan, logos and colors.

Automated Survey Reminders

Choose the quantity and frequency of reminders sent to unresponsive customers.

Prevent Over-Surveying

Establish settings that prevent sending customers to many requests for feedback.

Integrations: Get customer feedback into everyone's workflow.
With SuiteFeedback you don't need another system to Survey your customers.