Net Promoter System NetSuite

A complete customer feedback system, not just a tool.

Our proven, end-to-end solution will guide you through each phase of a best-practice approach to NPS, CSAT, and CES, resulting in higher response rates, actionable customer feedback, predictive insights, and maximum organic growth.

What makes SuiteFeedback different

Integrating Customer Feedback into NetSuite with SuiteFeedback will ensure your entire team is always taking the steps necessary to close the loop on customer feedback.

Here’s what makes SuiteFeedback different from other survey and feedback management software:

1. Integration

Anyone who has experience with customer feedback software vendors will give prospective customers the same advice: “Make sure it plays well with your CRM.” Not to worry — SuiteFeedback is built into your CRM and ERP system. This is Suiteness!


SuiteFeedback role-based dashboards, reports, and data are all in the Suite, so they can be easily incorporated into daily data checks, insight reviews by any role, and daily workflows. No need to learn or log in to another system to see value right away.

3. Data Segmentation

With SuiteFeedback, there’s no need to move fields and values between systems. You can segment groups and responses by product, subscription, sales rep, support person, region, subsidiary, date of first invoice, lifetime value, order frequency, and more. You can also easily view correlations between transactional, customer, record, and feedback data and find meaningful insights in the relationship between specific data points. Build saved searches, workbooks, and reports to understand feedback data in the Suite.


SuiteFeedback allows you to see exactly how your customer experience program is adding value to your business and impacting profit and growth. When feedback data is tied to your system of record, you’re able to understand when and how to take action in order to improve loyalty, reduce churn, and generate referrals. As we said earlier, SuiteFeedback allows you to get an immediate notification when a top 10 customer in terms of lifetime value gives you a bad rating. Who wouldn't be excited about that?

Benefits of using a specialized Customer Feedback Tool

  • Use your own logo and brand styling to personalize surveys
  • Customize the default and open-ended questions
  • Automate survey scheduling, integrations and workflows
  • Get notified immediately and close the feedback loop
  • Benchmark and improve your NPS Score over time
  • Run Relationship (rNPS), Transactional (tNPS) Campaigns, CSAT/OSAT and CES type campaigns.
  • Understand the ROI of your CX initiatives.
  • CX, and NPS Specific analytics reports and dashboard.
  • Prebuilt flows for triggering surveys and closing the feedback loop.
  • Run a world-class Net Promoter System.
Elements of NPS

Holistic approach to customer feedback

SuiteFeedback not only measures, but also analyzes, contextualizes, and operationalizes customer feedback across teams to help improve the CX.

New Whitepaper: Taking Action with Net Promoter Score (NPS) in NetSuite

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey uses one simple question to quantify customer health: “How likely are you to recommend our brand?” When you integrate NPS with NetSuite, you can measure customer loyalty at each stage of the customer journey.